All assessments include relevant reports and recommendations but are individually tailored to needs and therefore this is a guide only.

Full Occupational Therapy Assessment

Includes sensory assessment where relevant.

Within the home or school environment.

£270 plus travel. £370 where a school observation is also required.

Full Occupational Therapy Assessment

Includes sensory integration where relevant.

Within the centre, with access to all specialist equipment / resources (including Ayres SI).


Sensory Play Sessions

These are sessions for up to 6 children. There will be an OT present for discussions and information, but no formal assessment provided.

£10 per hour, based on availability.


Magic Therapy Sessions

For children with hemiplegia.

6 x 1½ hr group sessions, including performance to parents / carers, and take home tricks.


Sensory Baby / Toddler Groups

For children aged 0 – 2.5yrs presenting with additional developmental needs.

£250 for six sessions.

Developmental Coordination Groups

Available on request.

£250 for six sessions.